Getting outside with Alfie #mentalhealthy

Everyone needs mental stimulation. Even your furry friend!

I can’t imagine what we’d do without Alfie. He is essential to good mental health for my husband. Alfie encourages K to get out of the house when he is having a bad mental health day and sometimes a quick ball fling in the park is all he needs to feel a little better about the world.

It doesn’t always work, however as SAD season approaches it’s one of the most important things for K to do – Get outside and into the sunshine, even on an overcast day.

Often we don’t spend a lot of time outside. Some days K doesn’t leave the house at all – and that’s OK but Alfie needs his play time outside. We live in an area where feral cats are a problem so our cat, Mao, is on a 24hr cat curfew – which we follow diligently. If Alfie can’t get outside – either because of the rain or the heat – he has a very different time inside. He likes to play with the cat, but if we are unable to get out for whatever reason, he plays a little rougher with the cat – which usually ends in a bark.

Other days we spend all day outside of the house – either going to medical appointments and therapy or doing our grocery shopping and paying our bills. With Summer ending, these days are becoming fewer and further between.


The Jocks and Socks are a mess – Organise it with this handy homemade drawer separator!

It’s been a while. A lot happened and I’m sure that I’ll cover it in another post – but today I’m going to show you the handy organiser that I made in about a half hour with just a few simple tools!

Never search for that sexy pair of undies – you’ll be able to see them all and pick your favourite!




Excuse the mess in my house! We’ve only had a solid roof over our head for less than a year 😦 And I didn’t have enough undies to fill all the holes but I’m sure it’ll get filled in the next round of washing we do.

So how do you make this cool drawer organiser? Check out the photos below for the pictures but I’ll run you through the process.

You Will Need:

  • Felt – Standard sizes work well but I wanted mine to be the width of the drawer.
  • A pair of scissors or a Fabric Cutter
  • A hot glue gun
  • A pen or marking apparatus (such as tailors chalk)
  • A Straight Edge (This is just something that is straight so that you can mark the lines properly) – I used an old gardening book
  • A Measuring Tape or Ruler



  1. Cut your Felt to the height you need. I needed 15cm or 6 inches – This is the depth of the drawer.
  2. Divide your Felt into two piles.
  3. Mark one set of Felt with Three Marks (Divide felt by three)
  4. Mark the other set of Felt with Four Marks (Leave a little on each end)
  5. Alternate a piece of felt from each pile so that you have one with 3 marks and then one with 4 marks. Repeat until you have one pile of alternating felts.
  6. Make a line of hot glue on each mark and then lay the next piece on top. Essentially you are going to make the same pile but glued together. It may be easier for you to put a line of hot glue down and put the piece of felt on then move onto the next line – that’s how I did it because my hot glue gun is crap.
  7. Continue until you have one pile of glued Felt. Turn it up on it’s end and pull apart. And Voila – Handy Dandy Organiser for your Jocks and Socks!


How are my plants? Fail-tastic @Mr_fothergills

Words cannot describe my disappointment. Third time just ain’t charming me!!! My plants have died, it’s all over.

I visited bunnings so many freaking times over the last 12 weeks, I honestly know the layout, the staff and the pricing of all the things I apparently need for gardening but cannot afford.

I’m told my plants don’t have enough nitrogen,  so I buy the  fertiliser they tell me – which three weeks later turns out to be slow release not save-my-plants-quick.

So I lose half my basil crop, most of the capsicum,  my cosmos (the most successful of my plants so far), 5 (yes, freaking five) giant sunflowers, the poppys and both my dwarf sunflower pots….

I know, shocking! So what’s left? A chilli pot.

Thankfully it’s a handful of chilli seedlings in its own pot, but something is eating them and all the leaves have mini holes in them. 

So back to bunnings and no one can tell me what’s happened other than repeating “if in doubt, throw it out” as if that’s going to make me spend another $50 freaking dollars on growing more…

So another fail-tastic year of @mrfothergills seeds. Wow.

This irony is not lost on me.

Yeah, I know.


I don’t always have a keyboard in front of me, so sometimes I write my thoughts down – or at least the ones that aren’t appropriate for the public…

I found this at officeworks on sale. I’ve been watching their stock levels dwindle for the last 3 months and when I was last in there kall found three of these left, marked down for quick sale.

It wasn’t the insomnia one I wanted, but that’s ok… It’s green (which I hate) so it’s unlikely I’ll lose it and I’ll probably crochet a cover for it so it’s not so green lol

But for now, I’ll disconnect from the world and write for just a minute – get my thoughts out of my head and hopefully understand why my heads been stuck in a thought-loop for days – wish me luck!

A little retarded, but that’s how you know I made it!

Christmas on a budget? No. Not this year.

This year it’s Christmas on a shoestring! (much like our wedding)

So for the last 3 months, in every spare moment I’ve had, I’ve been crocheting!


And I’ve made all kinds of retarded things! This is a phone case, sort of… It hasn’t been finished yet, but it just needs a strap and a button!

And a while ago I started my mother in laws gift… Still a work in progress…..


Which I start in October lol I’ll finish it soon! It’s in her favourite colour too, so I hope she likes it!

I’ve also make retarded bow clips (coming soon) along with retardo-hippo – my stuffed stuffed project! Yes, double stuffed!

But you know what? I don’t care. I want to be able to give my family something this year and retarded yarn gifts are what’s in the cards!

Ok, my time in the library is up! I must dash, but keep checking back for more of sporky’s retarded Christmas gifts!!

Oh and don’t forget to check out @drive2byron on twitter! Super exciting updates on kall and learning to drive!

Sleepy cuddle time

Today I planned my wedding. My best mate came out, drove me around and helped me out!

She even bought briyani with her, which was so freaking yummy!! I love her mums briyani and hooley Dooley it was magical!

But after just 3 hours, I was exhausted!  I hate fibromyalgia sometimes…


So now I get puppy cuddles. He’s asleep and chasing his dreams -quite literally as his paws, eyes and ears are twitching!! 

But I’m just relaxing – enjoying the fact that in 7 short days, I’ll be married! It felt like just yesterday I was signing the NOIM! 

Anti-Poverty Week 2015

Anti-Poverty Week is a week where all Australians are encouraged to organise or take part in an activity aiming to highlight or overcome issues of poverty and hardship here in Australia or overseas. It was established in Australia as an expansion of the UN’s annual International Anti-Poverty Day on October 17.  In 2015 Anti Poverty Week will be held from the 11th to the 17th of October.

Some activities are organised by welfare and health organisations, religious groups, community organisations, schools and youth groups. Many other types of organisation also arrange activities, including government departments, local councils, business organisations, universities and sporting and cultural groups.

This year I want to do a post on how Poverty has affected me and what I’ve done to make small changes that have added up to a big difference in my life. You can look for it in the coming days! Check out the posts I made in April about Poverty, Superannuation and

Poverty and severe hardship affect more than a million Australians. Around the world, more than a billion people are desperately poor.
In Anti-Poverty Week, YOU can help fight poverty and hardship!